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Today we can finally reveal some good news that we have been sitting on for some time now. Now that most leagues and tournaments are having a short downtime during Christmas, it is the perfect time for us to create something new!

Now we are proud to present our brand new lineup made up of the following players:

Santi-Bio “Biothaiful” Bunsophon – Twitter / Twitch / Instagram

Chris Leon “cLayzilla2k” Johansen – Twitter / Twitch / Facebook

Gunnar “Maskin” Fredriksen Hermansen – Twitter / Twitch

Tor “Heni” Gulbrand Heni – Twitter


In the weeks to come the lineup will focus on getting their team play together and taking part in smaller tournaments.

When they feel ready for it. You will be able to see them showing up in bigger tournaments. Stay up-to-date on our social media and other outlets for news and updates on the lineup.

“I’m really looking forward to working with Ronin Horde and I’m excited for the opportunities this brings. A chance like this is what we players strive and work so hard to get. With dedication and a supportive and great staff, I have no doubt we can reach our goals and then some. The trust we have already been granted by the organization makes us even more confident and has given us the boost we need to make it all the way.”

IGL – Santi-Bio Bunsophon

“I’m really glad we have been able to get into the PUBG scene at long last and to do so with such a talented lineup gives me great hopes for the time to come. These players have already shown great dedication towards the game, and in the time we have been in talks they have shown they are not just dedicated to the game, but also towards building the brand.”

CEO – Kim-Erik Aanes

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