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Ronin Horde welcomes a new title and our first official player of the game as we take on Artifact and bring Matias “Mazkud” Nevalainen into the ranks!

Matias “Mazkud” has already been with us for some time now as a streamer, but now he is taking new steps into trying to get into the pro scene.

With experience from Dota 2 on the highest level and a solid ranking in several other games he has now set his mind on Artifact. He knows what it takes to make it in the pro scene and he has the mentality to go all the way. As the game itself is fairly new he has been focusing on drafting to get to know the game and its functions.

He has been streaming almost daily as he tries to master this amazing game and if you want to gain knowledge while watching someone who constantly communicates with the viewers you should tune in.

In the time to come his focus will shift more towards building decks and taking part in tournaments. By following us and him you will surely be kept up to date on his journey and you might even be able to pick up some solid decks.

What can we expect from Matias “Mazkud” in the time to come?

“Tons of me drafting black decks (i love them) and i want to reach at least 1 high status event. Whether it is lan or online i aim to build my status. I wish to be a part of the scene and grow as the game evolves to a point where i can stream full-time. As i build my understanding of the game i also wish to focus more on educational streams.”

As he has already been grinding out the draft modes he has picked 2 of his favourite decks so far and yes.. they both made 5 – 0 runs! 😉


“Axe, Enchantress and Farvhan can delay any lanes they are put into hard. That means i get to play my 3x selemenes favor into my late game cards (emissary, thunderhide, time of triumph and roseleaf).” This provides for a pretty safe ramp to just overpower lanes when your mana hits 6/7.”


“This deck has a simple idea behind it because of the crazy strong draft. You simply use axe with heartstopper aura on it to completely shut 1 lane down. That allows for focus in the other lanes with the other heroes and having 3 disciple of nevermore and 1 The oath really helps that. When the axe lane is secured you simply blink him to where you have advantage and end the game.”

Make sure you give him a follow on Twitter and Twitch to follow his way towards the top!

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