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As Ronin Horde keeps on evolving we are now ready to explore new grounds as we have decided to bring in a CS:GO lineup to represent Ronin Horde for Cross Boarder Esports!

For what is only a one event representation, we are confident the lineup will represent Ronin Horde proudly and hopefully show the world what they can do.
We are super proud to have these awesome guys on board representing us and the event will also mark the debut of our brand new team jersey!

Welcome to Ronin Horde!!

Robin “robiin” Sjögren
Dylan “DH” Hamrini
Benjamin “BENDJI” Söderena
Tobias “Shadow” Flodström
Miran “Dumas” Matkovic

CBE Info

Make sure you keep up with us on Social media for additional information and stream links for this weekend


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