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After the disbanding of our previous PUBG lineup a while back we took a step back and tried to figure out how we want to approach PUBG in the future and now we are finally ready to announce our brand new lineup.

We started looking as soon as our previous team disbanded and after a serious talk where we decided that PUBG would be our main focus it was clear to us that we needed a solid lineup. The lineup we have now secured is a group of well known players with potential to make it all the way. We will be providing these amazing players with the backing they need to reach their goals and hopefully even further.

Sondre “Phon” Pettersen – Twitter / Twitch

Ruben “Rubzi” Olsen – Twitter / Twitch

Heine “Daix” Pettersen – Twitter / Twitch

Sturla “intenZ-” Hoberg – Twitter / Twitch

Rolf Ivar “Serix” Gustavsen – Twitter / Twitch

We are really looking forward to working with Ronin Horde and the staff here. In the time to come our main focus will be on getting our teamwork to the level we expect it to be. After that comes winning NBG, getting into the top div of fragbite and the qualify for contenders

Team Captain: Sondre “Phon” Pettersen

As our main focus in the time to come will be on PUBG i think this is the strongest lineup we could get our hands on in Norway. I really look forward to working with these guys in the time to come and i cant wait to see how far they can get with the right type of support

– CEO: Kim-Erik “ZarotaN” Aanes

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