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We in Ronin Horde are proud to say we now have a team in division 1 of the Norwegian national league in Counter-Strike known as Telenorligaen. It has taken some time, but we can now proudly present this dedicated lineup of 4 Norwegians and 1 Swede.

On top of playing in the top national division with ambitions of making it into the top 4 live stages, these guys will also take part in many upcoming online tournaments and qualifiers. As with our other teams, we will keep all fans and followers updated on our social media so all you need to do is follow us on your favorite platform for the latest news.

Say hello to this amazing lineup!

Kristian “riksen” Småbach Henriksen

Jørgen Andrè “phoRZE” Pettersen

Adam “adx” Larsson

Christoffer “nilson” Nilson

Markus “Martux” Søreng

“Personally I have been away from the Norwegian CS:GO scene for quite some time now. I’m really looking forward to working closely with these guys. In Ronin Horde, we have been able to set goals that we can proudly work towards and these guys are willing to work hard towards those goals. The journey ahead will be intense and interesting. Hopefully, we can give the Norwegian CS:GO fans some stability and a dedicated lineup to cheer for.”

CEO – Kim-Erik Aanes

“I’m really hyped about this lineup. Honestly, I’ve never felt more comfortable with a new team before. I’m really happy we get to work with the professional staff from Ronin Horde, and i’m looking forward to work towards our goals.”

Kristian “riksen” Småbach Henriksen

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