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For those close to the League of Legends scene you might have noticed a team in the national Norwegian leagues by the name of Ronin Horde for some time already.

It’s taken us a while, but after several tests and tryouts we now have a set lineup ready to take on any opponents we throw their way. They can already be found in division 2 of Telenorligaen and they qualified for division 1 of Norwegian esports league.

They will also be taking part in online tournaments and qualifiers when the time comes, so stay tuned and make sure to follow the guys.

We got a statement from the team’s coach Soykan “Veneficus” Soner and Bendik “Metanon” Alvik about their goals and hopes for the time to come.

Our first goal is establishing a strong connection between players. With 3 Norwegian and 2 Turkish players, team chemistry needs time to become strong. After a 10-0 record in NEL 2nd division, we are looking for success in Telenorligaen right now. Instead of dealing with “better” players, my hope would be getting better with practice. – Veneficus

We hope to be able to compete at the highest level in norway soon. Our goal is to promote to the first division in Telenorligaen, and improve as players and as a team, while giving the Ronin Horde organisation a team to be proud of! – Metanon

Welcome the following players to the horde:

Yaşar “Aligan” Ali Can

Andreas Vui “SuIten” Leikvik

Knut Martin “Gabrielsen” Gabrielsen

Bendik “Metanon” Alvik

Murat “Blackhawk btw” Ayaz

Coach – Soykan “Veneficus” Soner

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